How to read Japanese Tax Statement (Gensen Choshu Hyo)

A Gensen-Choshu-Hyo is the official tax form that you get from your employer. It outlines your earnings and the amount of taxes you paid during the calendar year.

Taxpayer’s Address

Taxpayer’s Name

Total Salary earned during the year

Gross Salary - Report the total amount of the annual Gross Salary in Income > Wages > Income Outside of the U.S. section of our Tax Questionnaire. 

Income after employment income deduction

Total income credit

Income tax withheld at source

Income Tax - Amount of foreign income tax paid or withheld. Can be utilized as a foreign tax credit to offset U.S. tax liability. Report tax imposed on the particular income type in the same section of our Tax Questionnaire where you reported that income.

Note: Resident tax should be added to income tax when reporting foreign income tax paid/withheld.

Marital status and spousal exemption

The number of dependents

This should include children in each category: specific dependents (16-22 yrs old), elderly dependents (70 and over). Report dependent children and other dependents on Personal Details > The Basics > Children tab of TQ.

Details of income credits

This includes social insurance, life insurance, earthquake insurance, mortgage, spouse’s income, personal pension, long-term accident insurance.

Date of Employment and Date of Termination

Taxpayer’s DOB

Employer’s Address

Report your employer’s address in the tax questionnaire under the Income > Wages > Income Outside of the U.S. tab.

Employer’s Name

Report your employer’s name in the tax questionnaire under the Income > Wages > Income Outside of the U.S. section.

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