How should I complete the Tax Questionnaires if I’m applying to the Streamlined Procedure?

In general, the Streamlined Program (SP) requires the filing of the last 3 years of tax returns and 6 years of FBARs. In other words, you'll have to file 2012-2017 FBARs and tax returns for 2015-2017 (see Streamlined program - Which years to file?)

Count back 6 years from today and start from completing Non-US Accounts tab of the oldest year (i.e 2012).

When the first TQ is complete, move to the next year and transfer information from the previous questionnaire. You will have to make small adjustments, such as adding new accounts/deleting closed accounts and updating balances on the existing.

Go on until you get to the 4th questionnaire; this will be the first questionnaire that you have to complete fully - as we will use it for tax return preparation.

You will have to complete 3 such TQs - so, in the end, we'll have 3 TQs with FBAR details and 3 TQs completed fully (total 6 years done).

When finished, please submit your questionnaires

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