Can I copy data from one TQ to another?

Yes - absolutely.

Copy from previous year feature only works if the prior year questionnaire was prepared as Online Questionnaire.

You must elect to copy data at the time you create the Tax Questionnaire:

Make sure to click the Copy Data From Another Questionnaire and then select the TQ year you want to copy from.

Select Questions to Copy

The next page you see will have your answers from the prior year all auto-selected by default (with the exception of monetary figures). You can de-select any questions that no longer apply (for instance, if you moved, you would not want your address to copy). 

  • We recommend starting from earlier years and moving forward.
  • You can copy all data except monetary figures.

Click the big green button to copy selected data to the new TQ.

Voila - New TQ 

Click the big green button to copy data to the new All you have to do is update the monetary figures (income, highest balances of accounts, etc). Then, submit the TQ for our review 

Import answers after TQ created

If you did not copy answers when creating the TQ, worry not. You can import answers at any time. Click the Settings icon when viewing the TQ and click Import.

Once you pick which TQ to import from, you are offered whether you want to update only the unanswered questions or overwrite all.

  • Update missing questions (copies prior year answers only to unanswered questions in the TQ)
  • Update missing & overwrite (copying answers to all questions and overwriting answers in the current TQ).
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