Navigating the TQ - settings & 101

Completing the TQ is as simple as that. You may use the settings listed below to make the TQ navigation even easier.

Selecting the Right TQ Sections 

Our TQ is done in a way that shows only the questions pertaining to your situation. You are asked to answer Yes to the questions that apply to you while creating the TQ. Depending on your answers, we will show/hide certain sections of the TQ. Selecting certain icons may prompt additional icons. For example, I earn a salary will show two more on the next page: I have income from the U.S. and I have income from outside the U.S. Please answer Yes to all questions that apply to your situation. 

Showing Additional Questions

If you can't find a specific question/section of the TQ, you just need to refine your selection of the sections. Simply click  Life & Income button at the left, then answer Yes to all questions that apply to your situation. For example, to display Self-Employment section, select Self-employed or independent contractor. Please refer to the table below to find out which questions should be answered Yes to display certain sections. 

Note that once you deselect the icons, the related sections are no longer displayed.

Section to display Icons to choose
Personal Details > The Basics > Family I am married
Spouse Income I am married
Non-US Financial Accounts I have financial accounts outside the US
Personal Details > The Basics > Dependents I have children or dependents
Income > Wages I earn a salary
Income > Self-Employment Self-employed or independent contractor
Income > Corporation & Trust I have ownership in a corporation or trust
Income > Passive Income > Dividends I receive dividends
Income > Passive Income > Interest I earn interest
Income > Passive Income > Rental Income I rent out property
Income > Investments I have investments
Taxes & Deductions > Deductions I want to maximize deductions
Taxes & Deductions > Retirement & Social Security I have a pension
Income > Passive Income > Pension I have a pension
Income > Home Sale I sold property

Created FBAR Only TQ, Need Regular (or Vice-Versa)

If you've created a  FBAR only TQ (for citizens/GC holders, who are participating in the streamlined procedure program) - but choose this erroneously and need to complete a regular tax questionnaire, you can toggle it off at any time. Click the gear icon at the left, then switch off Fbar Only toggle.

Getting Question Help

If you are not sure how the question should be answered please use question help prior to contacting your tax preparer. Each question has the 'More info' icon next to it. Hover the mouse cursor on the question for the icon to appear. 

To get more detailed help on the question, click the More info icon. Question help window pop-ups. Read the information carefully and then click X to return to TQ. 

Click  Something is still unclear if you need assistance with the question, then select the appropriate option. Describe your issue, then click Save and Send to notify your tax preparer. 

Previewing All Answers on One Page

To see all your answers on one page, click the gear icon at the left, then turn on Preview on one page option. This way you can check the information you provided before submitting the TQ.

Once the answers are shown on one page you may easily print your answers by using the Print option in your browser.

Highlighting Unanswered Questions

To identify unanswered questions, turn on Highlight unanswered option on the left. The empty questions will be highlighted in blue. You will also see exclamation point icons next to such questions.

Showing Question Numbers

If there are some questions you would like to discuss with your tax preparer it's a good idea to refer to the question numbers. Click the gear icon at the left, then turn on the  Show question numbers option to see the numbers next to each question. 

Searching the TQ

You may use the Search tool to quickly jump to any question, answer or question help. Just type any word from the question title in the Search field, press the Enter key, then click the question title to jump to it.

Adding Comments

You can provide additional information/comments regarding each question. Every question or file upload dialogue has a  'Add comment' icon on the right. Hover the mouse cursor on the question for the icon to appear. If you click it, a pop-up will come up allowing you to provide additional comments for this particular entry.  After that, you will see your comment below the question.

Also, there is a Notes section where you can review your question comments as well as provide additional information that's not related to any particular question. 

Marking Questions as a Draft

You can mark a question as "draft" so that you know you still have to come back and finalize its value later. When you click on the 'Add comment' icon next to the question, a pop-up will come up which allows you to provide additional comments. On the bottom, there is Mark answer as draft to be revised later check box. 

If you select it, the system will mark this question as Draft and also add the blue flag icon next to it.

To see all your answers marked draft, turn on the Show marked draft option at the top left. 

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