Dutch Tax Glossary

Dutch Tax Statement English Translation
Loon LB/PH The wage for taxes and national insurance contribution
Ingehouden LB/PH Wage taxes and national insurance contribution withheld
Verrekende arbeidskorting Settled labor discount
Loon Zvw The wage for premium health care Insurance
Werknemersbijdrage Zvw Employees contribution to health care insurance
Werkgeversheffing Zvw Employers contribution to health care insurance
Verr. Levenslooopverlofkorting Settled life-course savings
WG bijdrage SV Employers contribution to social security

Totaal Inkomsten Ult Werk En Woning

Gross Salary - Report the total amount of the annual Gross Salary in Income > Wages > Income Outside of the U.S. section of our Tax Questionnaire.

Premie Volksverzekeringen

All Dutch residents must contribute to the country’s social security scheme.A totalization agreement is in place between the Netherlands and the United States, which gives some guidance about which country the social security taxes must be submitted to. Generally, if a taxpayer is sent to the Netherlands to work by a US company for under 5 years, they pay taxes into the United States Social Security system. If a taxpayer is hired within the Netherlands, is recruited to work by a company in the Netherlands, or is planning to work within the Netherlands longer than 5 years, they pay into the Dutch system.

Because your country has a Totalization Agreement with the US, you do not have to report the amount you paid into the local Social Security system in the tax questionnaire.

Totaal Inkomstenbelasting

This amount represents the total tax assessed on your taxable income. Report this tax in the Taxes & Deductions > Taxes Paid tab of the Tax Questionnaire (TQ).

As stated below, the TQ offers two options, one to use tax assessed for the foreign tax credit, or simply use the amount for tax actually paid. While in the TQ, please click the corresponding help link (green question mark) for further detail.

Ingehouden Loonheffing

Income Tax - Amount of foreign income tax paid or withheld. Can be utilized as a foreign tax credit to offset U.S. tax liability. Report tax imposed on the particular income type in the same section of our Tax Questionnaire where you reported that income.

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